SAHM are just as smart!!!!

March 6, 2008 divasmom
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Okay, why is it that so many assumptions are made about SAHM?   I am particularly upset about others assuming I chose to become a SAHM because I was unable to do anything else.  

First of all, making the decision to become a full-time at-home parent required (and continues to require) a lot of careful consideration, none of which was easy.  Whether the decision was to return to paid work or to become an at-home parent, parenting is challenging  –even on the best of days — and it necessitates parents using all sorts of skills (negotiations, mediation, scheduling, planning, problem-solving, counselling…. I could go on and on and on….).

 It is particularly frustrating when dealing with others who speak to you as if they need to simplify the way they talk to you.   I received a call from my daughter’s vice-principal last week regarding something that was neither good nor bad, yet the way he spoke to me left me feeling annoyed.  The use of his simple language  conveyed the message to me that he felt I would not understand him otherwise. 

I am an educated woman (not bragging because I don’t like that either).  I probably have as much formal education (or more) than this school official.  Yet I do not speak to others like I’m “smarter” than they are.  It’s life, not university, that is the real educator.

 Maybe this is a personal pet peeve.  Maybe I’m being too sensitive.  Maybe I need to lighten up. Perhaps. 

All I know is that we all need to be spoken to with respect and kindness.


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