Why is everything my fault?

March 4, 2008 divasmom
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Is it just my house?  Why, when something goes missing — something that I do not use or need — is it my fault that it cannot be found?  If you have a child, or a husband for that matter, you know what I’m talking about. 

This morning it was a Webkinz:

Diva:  “Mom, where is my bunny Webkinz?!!!”  

Mom: “I put it where it should be — in the Webkinz basket beside your closet?

Diva: “IT’S NOT HERE!!!”

Mom: “Well, that’s where I put it yesterday after I found it in the car.”

Diva: “I never had it in the car. I need it NOW!” 

Mom: “I’m coming……”

Diva: (as I stop what I’m doing and trip over two rambunctious puppies)  “Oh, never    mind,  I found it!”

Mom: “Where was it?”

Diva: “In the Webkinz basket beside my closet.”

Okay is it just me?  Isn’t that what I said 10 frustrating minutes ago?!  How is it that we as moms own everyone else’s problems?   I spend lots of time teaching my little diva, I mean, daughter, to be responsible for her own actions and to honor her belongings.  Yet at some point every day there will come a time when I get in trouble for what (insert child or husband’s name here — most days one is the same amount of work as the other).

Anyway… that’s my rant for today… I gotta go now… stuff to put away so it can be found later… or not……


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